2021, Covid-19 and Weddings

Dear Richmond Brides or Grooms,

Let’s talk about 2021 weddings and Covid-19.  This past year has been a hard one for the entire world!  I really feel for the couples who are wanting to get married and their childhood ideas of what their wedding would be like are definitely different. 

 If you are thinking about getting married in 2021 there are some things you should think about. 

+ Guests will probably have to wear masks.   

+The number of guests might be limited by the commonwealth, because drinking and dancing right now seems to be adding to the increase of cases from weddings.

 + Micro weddings, elopements or whatever you want to call these new trends have definitely made the mark on 2020.  The couple might not be able to invite all the people they wanted nor have the big party they always dreamed of, but they can have a very meaningful day.  

+ What makes the day special now and for years to come is how the ceremony and “reception” look.   The look of the venue can really let the attendees know that this is a special day! The place where you take your vows needs to show the personality of the couple.  Décor does so much to make the moment special.  Everything from the chairs you select to the design of the ceremony area makes it your day.  

+The personal floral designs, such as the bouquets and boutonnieres, are very important and signify that it is a special wedding. 

+ Making the tablescapes beautiful is just as important as the personal flowers.  

+When you look back at your pictures 20 years from now, you will want to remember just how beautiful your special day was.

micro wedding

sweetheart table décor

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