A Crazy Year Called for Crazy Creativity

Dear Brides or Grooms,

As the most difficult year in my life, 2020, comes to a close I am so thankful for the clients that I have had in this crazy year.  Most of my weddings for 2020 either postponed to 2021 or eloped.  

I did, however, have some wedding highlights in this insane year.  I was able to help Kaley have a beautiful backyard wedding.  Michael and Kaley were set to marry in the spring of 2020 in Virginia.  They decided to postpone until August 1.  But then the venue they were going to have the wedding wasn't available.  Michael’s parents offered their beautiful backyard.  The backyard happened to be in Delaware!   The end of June I had just finished my breast cancer treatment and I was excited to get my hands on some flowers!  The wedding flowers had to be totally reworked.  Kaley originally had 6 bridesmaids but now only two would be able to make it.  The location of the ceremony was under a magnificent weeping willow.  When Kaley sent me the picture of the location I knew exactly what I wanted to create for this couple!  I crafted a semi-circle of flowers for the couple and the officiant to stand in.  The aisle markers in the original wedding were going on folding chairs.  The new wedding had benches for seating.   The mason jars filled with flowers looked pretty floating under the benches.  The number of guest tables had to be cut way down which allowed me to create beautiful full centerpieces to be enjoyed by the guests.  I must say the floral semi-circle was one of the prettiest I have designed.  It gave me such joy to make this sweet couple’s wedding dreams come true.  My passion is to create floral memories that will last a lifetime on one of the most important days of a couple’s lives.  

ceremony décor

Kaley and Michael

Fur Babies

centerpiece for guest tables

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