Backyard Weddings can be very beautiful and unique to the couple!

Dear Brides and Grooms of Virginia,

I had the sweetest couple Kaley and Micheal. Their wedding was set for spring of 2020. Well you know that didn't happen. Kaley and Micheal were not going to wait another year to get married. They decided to get married in Micheal's parents backyard. This backyard was in Dover, Delaware! It is 150 miles away from Richmond. We had to make adjustments. The venue that they were going to be married had a gazebo. The backyard didn't. It did have an amazing weeping willow tree. I had always wanted to make a floral semi circle for a couple to get married in. Now was the perfect time! I truly believe this was a much better look to get married in. Kaley and Micheal loved it. It was also great because their fur babies got to join in. I made two flowered collars for their two dogs. Sure there were not as many guest, but the important people were there. It was a beautiful very personal event. This new world we are living in with COVID-19 has everyone looking at what is really important in weddings. Flowers are still what makes an event special. You really can't do it without flowers. Of course this coming from a person who loves flowers but it does really change the space. I loved making the floral semi circle for Kaley and Micheal. It makes it so much more special when the couple loves your work. Happy marriage and life to Kaley and Micheal.

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