How you will know that you have a MaryAnn Blooms bouquet

Dear Virginia Brides and Grooms:

I have created a special way to tell if you have a bouquet designed by me. I have had a seal created of my logo. I melt wax on to the silk ribbon I use on the bouquet and impress the logo onto the ribbon. It is not something that people would see as you are walking down the aisle, but more for the bride and the bridesmaids to know. It is just an added touch to make sure my brides know how special they are to me. It seems that most of my brides I become attached to. I watch their lives unfold on social media. I watch them buy their first house... have their first child... then their second...

I was shocked to see one of my brides post on Facebook that it was her 20th wedding anniversary. I couldn't believe it! It is such a joy to be a part of one of the biggest days of a person's life. It is just an honor to be a small part of making that one day so special. I want my brides to know that they really mean a lot to me. They put their trust into my ability to make their wedding day beautiful. I put my heart and soul into every design to make it their dreams come to life. I truly love what I do. This seal is just one more way to make my brides feel special... They are very special to me!

detail of wax seal on bouquet ribbon

how the bouquets are delivered
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