Make Your Wedding Looking like Yourselves

Dear Richmond Brides and Grooms:

I NEVER do cookie cutter weddings. What I mean by that is to do the same thing for two different couples. I always try to make each wedding unique to that couple. I ask if they have hobbies or something that is unique to them. I have done weddings where we honor grandparents that have gone on. I have created arrangements that have put action figures in centerpieces. I have made flower collars for fur babies.  I have made flower garland to go around a portrait of the Bride's deceased father. You name it, I have put flowers in around or on something special to the couple. Think about what makes y'all special. This is the time to incorporate your style or anything that makes y'all unique. This is the two of you big day. Honor your relationship. Let me help y'all make your wedding YOUR wedding!

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