Tablescapes Myth Number One

Dear Richmond Brides and Grooms:

There is a misconception that candles are less expensive than flowers. Have you looked at the price of candles? All candles have to have glass surrounding them for any venue that I know of because of the fire hazard. So besides having to pay for candles you have to buy or rent the glass containers that go around them. Many people also show me candles with greenery around the base. Greenery like flowers need a water source. There are some greenery that will look nice without water and not appear to be wilted. Then there are the floating candles. Yes the candles are less money, but you have to pay someone to lug water and fill up the cylinder to the appropriate level. This can't be just any old Tom Dick or Harry! So in other words a designer is needed to fill the cylinders and place the greenery around the base of the candles. That my friends is called "labor"! Labor is an expense that people planning a wedding often forget about. I may love working with you and thrilled to be doing your wedding but I can't eat my excitement. If you are in love with the idea of candles gracing your tables, that is wonderful, but you are going to have to pay for them. A floral centerpiece is usually less expensive than the candle display done correctly!

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