The Perfect White Rose

The Perfect White Rose

So many brides here in Richmond choose to have white and green as their color palette.  I’ve been in the floral industry for a long time and have seen the perfect white rose varieties change over the years.  For a long time there was really only cream colored roses.  There wasn’t a true white rose until the early 2000s.  Now we have several roses that are white!  My favorite pure white standard size rose is Playa Blanca.  I am so picky about my flowers that I even have my favorite rose farm where I like my roses to come from.  Actually there are two farms.  I love to use standard roses from Rosaprima Farm.  They have the biggest head by far and their roses open!  You will never see a rose bud in any of my designs.  It is the cheap roses that do not open.  I do have to pay more per stem for these exceptional roses, but it is well worth the cost!  The second rose farm that I love to use is Alexandra Farms.  They specialize in the garden rose.  These are like the roses your grandmother had growing in her yard.  They usually have a fragrance and open up in unique ways.  

The picture of the bouquet has a Rosaprima Playa Blanca rose front and center.  Look at the beautiful way this variety opens!  

I have done extensive work on educating myself on especially roses, by becoming a certified garden rose designer,  I keep up with the latest new varieties and look locally and internationally for the best of the best when it comes to flowers.

There are so many different roses and types of roses that it helps to keep learning and growing in knowledge of the flowers and new styles of design. 

I love to see new varieties, order a bunch just to see how the product performs and how long it takes to reach its full beauty.  

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