This is Why I Do What I Do!

Dear Richmond Brides or Grooms:

I create flower arrangements, bouquets, floral pocket squares and ceremony designs because I love it! I love to connect with people who are in love and want their day to be beautiful with flowers. I love and appreciate all the different kinds of flowers. For 21 years I owned a floral wholesale company called Westside Flower Exchange in Houston, Texas. Everyday starting at 7:00 AM ( yes the crack of dawn) I would rush into our cooler to see the new flowers that the truckers had dropped off the night before. There are so many different kinds of flowers that come in from all over the world. It was like Christmas morning twice a week. My job was to get the new product on Instagram and share it with our customers. I truly enjoyed seeing all the unique and different varieties of flowers. There was something missing in my life. I was doing a few weddings, large ones ( budgets over $10,000) but not that many. I lived and breathed designing flowers for the couple. I loved getting to know each and every quirk and uniqueness about the couple. I always made each couple's personality come through the flowers any way I could. From making table arrangements in boots or creating a bouquet for the GROOM to toss! Designing and getting to know the couple was better than chocolate ice cream! I would grow to know the couple and love making their day special. I can't even let go of my couples. So many are friends on Facebook or Instagram. I get to watch as they have their sweet children. It is a special bond when a couple gives me the honor to create the look of their wedding Besides the wonderful bond I make with my couples, I get to use the 21 years of knowledge that I have gained from owning a floral wholesale. I know when different flowers are in season and when you are just plum out of luck if you want those Coral Charm Peonies! I literally dream about wedding flowers. I have had some wild dreams which I have been able to make a reality for different brides. One such Indian bride didn't want the traditional Mandap. I created one made out of Saris. It was lovely to see them blowing in the wind. So many couples have trusted me with their weddings. So many stories of creating looks especially for them. Other people have said isn't it stressful? The answer is yes. It is stressful but the desire is so great to create beautiful works of floral art that the stress is worth it. I did the flowers for my own daughter's wedding. That was the most stressful of all. She said to me "I know you will make it beautiful. Just don't go over the top!" I literally shook the entire week of the wedding wanting to make sure that I surpassed her wishes. They were more than happy and now I have a beautiful grandson. Which is what made me pull up roots (native Houstonian) and move to Richmond. I am now doing what makes my heart happy. Meeting new couples and making their floral dreams come true.

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