White Flowers versus Colorful Flowers

Dear Virginia Brides or Grooms:

Since moving to Richmond from Houston, Texas, I have noticed a lot of differences between the two locations.  In Texas, brides usually choose colors for flowers instead of just white.  White and green can be beautiful, but I really love color!  To me it is just much more interesting.  I think with color you can show the couple’s personalities much more.  White is elegant.  I just did a New Years Eve wedding that was all gold and white.  It was the perfect color scheme for that particular day.  I guess I am just a colorful kinda gal.  There are so many different color schemes to use!  One thing when picking your attendants outfits to remember is that if you want pink flowers, don’t pick outfits that have pink in it! If you have flowers the same color as the outfits, The flowers melt into the dress in pictures.  Picking a neutral color works the best with white or colorful flowers

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