You haven't heard from me in a while...

Dear Richmond Brides and Grooms,

I have been focusing on my health instead of flowers. In August of 2019 I was diagnosis with breast cancer. I had the surgery in December and began the chemotherapy and radiation in February. I can now say I am finished with treatment. Then as we all know COVID-19 hit. For me it actually was a blessing. All my weddings postponed until 2021. This gave me time to recuperate and get my strength back. I have done a few things during this time. It has been photo shoots to use the flowers I had purchased for the Richmond Wedding show which was cancelled. So many of the Brides and Grooms in all of Virginia have had to decide what to do about their weddings. One of my couples decided to do a backyard wedding. It turned out lovely! I will blog about that later. So I am back in the flower saddle and ready to design the most beautiful floral designs imaginable! We are ready to go full force into 2021 with a gusto. Let me help you redesign your wedding if you need to or beef up your wedding plans for 2021. I am here for you! I will travel all over the great Commonwealth and really beyond to help my couples celebrate their love!

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